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TMT Analytix

​BA combines decades of industry expertise with the depth of 40+ highly qualified and experienced best-shore analysts team of our partner, Infoanalytica. This puts BA in a unique position to help you customize the research and analysis based on deep data-mining or multi-variable analysis. Our global resources can create an unmatched depth of analysis in the most efficient manner!

Questions We Helped Answer

Defined “goldilocks markets” for Ka-Band High Throughput Satellite service

Evaluated financial case for a Ka-Band satellite system vs. Ku-band for a pan-Mexican school network?

Conducted valuation of innovative technology using broadcast spectrum

Provided business & technical guidance to UAE’s 1st commercial teleport built by Dubai Internet City

Evaluated an opportunity to leverage a Defense industry IP for mobile satellite handset market

Evaluated satellite distribution infrastructure business to reorganize assets around core competencies

Cookie-cutter research & analysis approach does not fulfill your research & analysis needs as a technology/ satellite/ telecom operator or an investor.

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